Private Fund

  • Institutional-Quality Real Estate Investments
  • Short-term Investment Options available! Offerings Optimized for Liquidity
  • Choose between Debt, Equity or Both! Via our bespoke Hybrid Funds
  • All funds professionally managed by a Registered Investment Advisor, Beyond Global Management

$300MM AUM

Of $20B real estate deals reviewed, only $300MM passed our selection process

Public Offerings

    You Can Get...

    Higher Returns

    With The Same Assets!

    We Have The Whole World Investing
    With U.S.

    Enhanced Returns

    Beyond designs many of our investment funds so that our global investment pool enhances your returns. How does it work?

    International investors are typically subject to a 30% U.S. withholding tax on U.S. investments, however, through a carefully crafted corporate structure, we can offer to them investments which are exempt from this taxation. They are happy to receive a capped fixed-return on their investment due to the designed tax savings. The final result is that our enhanced equity participants get any excess profits, effectively enhancing their returns while preserving the original risk profile of the investment. A win/win situation, by design. You deserve better returns!